The Expansive Harney County is Overflowing with Recreational Opportunity

20 Jan 2020

The largest county in Oregon, Harney County, is made up of two beautiful communities- Burns and Hines. The diverse landscape of the area includes forests, deserts, lakes, streams and mountains, making it an excellent destination for those who seek a healthier lifestyle and outdoor recreation. The county is home to the Ochoco and Malheur National Forests, the large wetland of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge, and the Alvord Desert. Hiking, fishing, hunting, camping, birdwatching and backpacking are only a few of the opportunities awaiting you here.
The town of Burns is the county seat of Harney County and is known as the “gateway to the Steens Mountains.” Adding Old West charm to Harney County is Hines, a former mill town that has become a small, close-knit community. To learn more about this scenic area, visit The Region tab on our website or click here.

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