PNW Businesses Look to More Rural Areas for Recovery

PNW Businesses Look to More Rural Areas for Recovery Main Photo

25 Jun 2020

Seattle, Bellevue, Tacoma, San Francisco, and Portland are just a few of the Pacific Northwest communities hit hard by COVID-19 and the regulations put in place to prevent the spread of the virus. In the region’s urban cities restrictions have been severe and the economic losses high. In the wake of this, companies should evaluate operations to determine if a more rural location would be better for operations. 

Eastern Oregon presents a unique opportunity for these businesses to remain within the overall region, while benefiting from the low cost and open spaces associated with a more rural community. Eastern Oregon offers convenient access to PNW major cities and the rest of the country via major interstates, rail, regional and international airports - all while being far enough from major metropolitan areas to avoid many of the business disruptions companies have recently grappled with. 

Locating in Eastern Oregon Makes it Possible to Recover Faster

As businesses look for opportunities to lower overhead without reducing operations, relocating to Eastern Oregon is an attractive option. Commercial real estate costs a fraction of what it does in Western Washington, other parts of Oregon and California. By simply moving operations and cutting expenses it could be possible to recover faster. Plus, as the economy rebounds, the long-term savings could result in greater profit margins. With a cost of living that is 95% of the national average, employees benefit from these savings as well. 

Oregon Trail Electric Cooperative also provides energy at competitive rates to businesses located within the region. Manufacturing companies, data and call centers, for example, could further reduce their overhead costs by utilizing OTEC’s low cost energy. 

Close to Major Metros

Eastern Oregon is a convenient base for PNW businesses, offering several location advantages. Boise is the closest major city, and one of the fastest growing cities in the entire United States. I-84 runs through Eastern Oregon, connecting the region to Portland, Boise and Salt Lake City. The Union Pacific Railroad offers fast transportation options in addition to those offered by the interstate, local airports and Boise International Airport. 

History of Business Success

Oregon’s GDP growth is 2nd in the nation. There is a history of business success within the state because of the access to natural resources, convenient location, low operational costs and the supportive business environment that Oregon is known for. 

We encourage you to explore the region and to learn more about these advantages. You can do so by watching our Virtual Reality videos or by contacting us to schedule a site visit. 

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