Eastern Oregon’s Commercial Sites Are Attractive for Businesses Leaving Major Metros

Eastern Oregon’s Commercial Sites Are Attractive for Businesses Leaving Major Metros Main Photo

27 Aug 2020

Eastern Oregon boasts of shovel-ready commercial sites and existing buildings that are ideal for businesses looking to escape the high cost, conjunction and unrest found in many of the west coast’s major cities. From Seattle to Bellevue to Portland to San Francisco, west coast cities have been home to some of the nation’s largest increases in housing and property costs, taxes and increases in traffic. These factors combine to create an environment that makes it difficult and costly for manufacturing and distribution companies to operate. A location in Eastern Oregon is the answer. 

History of Business Success

Eastern Oregon offers companies access to major west coast metropolitan areas via the interstate, rail and air, while remaining far enough away to conduct business with ease. The region has a history of diverse business success and is home to recognizable companies like Northwood RV Manufacturing, the largest camper manufacturer in the country, who employs 450 people in two plants near La Grande. Behlen Manufacturing is another local success story, manufacturing products to be shipped to over 90 countries from their Baker City location. Malheur Lumber Company in John Day and Boise Cascade in La Grande/Elgin, who was recently purchased by Woodgrain Millwork, are also located here.

Reasons to Locate a Manufacturing Company in Eastern Oregon

Manufacturing companies in Seattle, Portland, Boise, San Francisco and other west coast locations will find that moving operations to Eastern Oregon offers significant advantages that include:

#1 Lower operating cost

Companies can save money on real estate, energy, taxes and wages by moving from higher costs areas. 

#2 An easy permitting process

Eastern Oregon is a pro-business region and the economic development office of Oregon Trail Electric Cooperative is here to make starting a business even easier. We offer site selection, permitting, workforce and logistics support as an organization and in collaboration with local partners. Working together we make it easy to open a business in Eastern Oregon.

#3 A strong workforce

Eastern Oregon University is an acclaimed educational institution preparing the next generation of workers and leaders. Companies can recruit directly from the university and use their educational system to upskill their existing workforce. 

#4 An awesome lifestyle

Life is about more than work. It’s about what you do after hours and on the weekends. Eastern Oregon offers an incredible lifestyle that everyone from outdoor enthusiasts to foodies will love. Where else can you get off work and be mountain biking, skiing, fishing, hunting or swimming within minutes? That’s possible here. Combine that with local breweries and wineries, farm to table restaurants, art galleries, shops, festivals and concerts and you have the type of community workers never want to leave. Employ people here and you’ll have a loyal workforce who wants to grow with you. 

It’s Time to Experience Eastern Oregon

We love it here and we’re sure you will too but don’t take our word for it. Come visit, explore and discover why Eastern Oregon is the right place for your business. 

Not ready to travel? Watch our virtual reality videos to get a taste of Eastern Oregon, then reach out to learn more about relocating your business and your family here.