Rural Main Street Offers Safe & Affordable Options for Small Businesses

Rural Main Street Offers Safe & Affordable Options for Small Businesses Main Photo

28 Oct 2020


Seattle shops are shuttered. Portland business owners have gone under. San Francisco businesses aren’t renewing expensive leases. High real estate prices, COVID-19, protests and uncertainty are a few of the many reasons that retailers and small businesses have chosen to close their doors either temporarily or permanently. Very often these outside forces are the only factors - not a true desire to close. In that case, Eastern Oregon offers a safe haven of sorts - a place where business owners can open their doors and feel safe and secure in their decision. 

It’s peaceful here

Kayaking outsidePeaceful, and in a good way. That’s how you can describe Eastern Oregon. Perhaps it’s the gorgeous mountains, the abundance of outdoor recreation and sunshine, or the relaxed nature of the people here, but Eastern Oregon has a relaxed chilled vibe that is often missing in the city. People and businesses support each other and you don’t find the tension and civil unrest that has come to define coastal cities recently. For business owners that’s a big deal and that level of peace makes it enjoyable to operate a business. 

Low prices help too

Running a retail store, restaurant or small business means being responsible for the overhead and if real estate lease rates, taxes and workforce costs go up, it can be difficult to make a profit. This has been especially difficult in places like Seattle and San Francisco where real estate prices have gone off the charts in recent years and minimum wage increases have added to expenses as well. In Eastern Oregon, the story is different. It’s still affordable here. Real estate prices are low and that makes it easier to operate a business and churn a profit. 

For companies creating jobs in the region, there may be incentives that make it even more financially attractive to open a business here. Bottom line - if high overhead forced you to close a business, reconsider by looking at Eastern Oregon. 

You’ll love the culture here

OTEC farmEastern Oregon’s communities have charming and vibrant downtowns and a cool culture that attracts people to downtown areas. From wineries to breweries, shops, art galleries and restaurants foodies love - Eastern Oregon has it all. Retailers, restaurants and small business owners can become part of this vibrant ecosystem. 


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